23 February 2012

carrot cake

Before I started my food blog and I wasn't as adventurous with my cooking, carrot cake was what first won Josh's heart. After all the easiest way to their heart is through their stomach....
I've tried many carrot cake recipes and they have always had something slightly wrong with them. Mainly that they become to dry and crispy on the edges. This recipe that I found in the Donna Hay, Modern Classics cookbook is delicious! Beautiful and moist.

recipe adapted from Donna Hay Modern Classics book 2 


1 1/4 cups brown sugar
3/4 cups macadamia oil
3 eggs
11/2 cups plain flour
11/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
21/2 cups grated carrot
1 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 180c. Place sugar and oil in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat for 2-3mins. Add the eggs gradually and beat well. Sift the flour, baking powder, bicarb soda, cinnamon and ginger over the mixture. Add the carrot and the walnuts and mix until just combined. Pour the mixture into a greased and lined cake tin and bake for approx 60mins or until cooked through when tested with a skewer. Serve the cake warm or cool completely and spread with cream cheese frosting.

For frosting process 250g of softened cream cheese, 2 cups of icing sugar and some lemon or orange juice and rind to taste in a food processor until smooth. 

This cake is the best carrot cake I have tried so far. It has a solid crumb but is beautiful and moist! Perfect for your next coffee/tea date with friends!

13 February 2012

raspberry coconut cupcakes

 Valentines day is tomorrow. I'm not really a big Valentines Day celebrator however this year I decided to bake my Valentine (Josh) a batch of these gorgeous cupcakes. My oven is still broken so I tested out the oven at my parents new house which by the way has a perfect spot in the kitchen for photographing my baked goods. Dad also loves coconut so he didn't complain that I was using his kitchen facilities! 

 These are the same cupcakes that I baked for my shoot with MeOHMy. For the shoot I topped them with the perfect cupcake frosting from Our Best Bites, which I highly recommend trying. However today I topped them with a delicious coconut icing tinted pink to fit in with the Valentines day theme.

Make sure you keep an eye our for the gorgeous photos from our shoot that we should hopefully be sharing in the next couple of weeks!

Mum of course wasted to test taste the batter.


125g butter, softened
1 cup caster sugar
3 eggs
1/2 cup SR flour
1/4 cup plain flour
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
1/3 cup sour cream
150g raspberries

60g butter
160g cream cheese
2 tsp coconut essence
3 cups icing sugar

Preheat your oven to 170c and line a 12 hole muffin pan. Beat butter and sugar in a small bowl until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time ensuring the mixture is well combined after each addition. Stir in sifted flours, coconut, sour cream and finally the raspberries. Divide the mixture between the prepared muffin tin cases. Bake for 40mins or until cooked through. Cool on a wire wrack before topping with icing.

Icing: combine all the icing ingredients in a bowl and beat until smooth. Add to the top of the cupcakes.

Yum, Happy Valentines Day Joshie!

11 February 2012

the corner store cafe

First of all let me start by saying that my oven has died. It had a turn for the worst a few days before organising my shoot with MeOhMy however it came back to life before turning itself off for good this week while preheating to cook gourmet pizzas last night. 
It was a sad moment for me as I was looking forward to sharing with you some perfect Valentines Day cupcakes. 
So for the moment I will share with you, in my opinion, the best coffee shop in Toowong.


The Corner Store Cafe used to be exactly that, a corner store where you could pick up your bread, milk and other basic house hold goods. 
In the last couple of years it has been revamped into the best cafe on this side of the city. The coffee is good, from the Cleanskin Coffee Co, the food delicious. It still has your basic "corner store" goods for sale as well. There are always fresh lilies for sale and the vegetable garden out the back adds charm to the place. 

We have been visited the Corner Store a few times for lunch but I have always forgotten my camera! 
On our latest visit I tried an apple, mint and ginger juice. My current fad at the moment I love this juice combination! 

Josh had is usual coffee milkshake.

Every time that Josh and I have visited here for lunch he has enjoyed the bacon cheeseburger. He won't try anything else.

I had a Moroccan lamb salad which was moorish yet filling.

I definitely recommend giving this place a try. However it is quite busy on the weekends so midweek for early breakfast or late lunch are the best times to visit this gem. 

7 February 2012

corn and coriander fritters

Wanting to cook savoury, with fritters in mind, Josh's brother Liam suggested corn and coriander fritters. These turned out surprisingly well being perfect for any time of the day.

1 cup wholemeal flour
1/2 tsp bicarb soda
1 cup skim milk
2 eggs
2 cups corn kernels
4 green onions, sliced thinly
1 red chilli, chopped finely
1/4 cup coriander
To Serve:
cream cheese
smoked salmon
poached egg

Combine flour and soda in a medium bowl. Whisk in the milk and egg until the batter is smooth. Stir corn, onion, chilli and coriander into the batter. 

Heat a flat fying pan and spray with some olive oil. Pour 1/4 cup measures of the batter onto the plate. Cook for about 2 mins on each side or until golden brown and cooked through. Repeat with the remaining batter. 

My batter made about 9 fritters. 
I topped my fritters with cream cheese and smoked salmon although they would also be delicious with the addition of some baby spinach or a runny poached egg!  If you aren't a big fan of coriander feel free to leave it out. 

3 February 2012

dandilion and driftwood

A family friend of mine was talking about how great the coffee was at Dandilion and Driftwood so typical me I had to try it to see what she was on about. We just so happened to be in the Hendra area as Mum at the time was interested in a house just around the corner from this quaint cafe.

Josh tried a "cold drip" coffee. Where they used cold water as opposed to boiling water to percolate the coffee. It was much smoother and richer than your typical hot coffee.

I ordered a standard latte which was gorgeous. Each coffee came with an information card that explained the type and origin of the coffee bean, great for people who what to know what they are drinking came from.

Mum and Josh tried the "Henny Penny" toasted sandwich.

I sampled the salmon and cream cheese bagel.

There were a large range of delicious looking baked goods on offer as well as a tea garden out the back to experience while enjoying your lunch.

Check out their Facebook page for regular updates on what is going on with this gorgeous cafe. Definitely worth a stop in for brunch or afternoon tea if you are in the area. Just make sure you visit during the week when it isn't school holidays as it's quite small and is busy most of the time.