29 October 2012

raspberry mint ice cubes

With the weather warming up all I can think of is how much I am looking forward to iced drinks, ice blocks and fresh juice. I have been noticing fruit filled ice cubes everywhere so I thought I would give some a try myself. 


Raspberry and mint ice cubes in lemonade have been on my mind all week. They turned out better than I imagined. I love how as the cubes melt the raspberries slowly stain the lemonade light pink. The raspberry and mint flavour begins to sneak through the lemonade making it deliciously fresh. If you dare to bite into a cube the perfectly preserved flavour of the raspberries will explode in a combination of bitter and sweet in your mouth followed closely by a refreshing burst of mint.


Yum yum, I can't wait to try these cubes with different fruit...it think lemon and lime is on the cards next!!


16 October 2012

cocoa nib coffee cake

I have been holding out on you all lately. I baked this cake long ago (well a couple of weeks) and I have been teasing you with preview pictures on my Facebook page ever since. I don't blame you for getting a little cranky or impatient. I had forgotten about this cake until I needed to produce something for Josh for afternoon tea yesterday. I opened the freezer and found this in perfect portions. So after microwaving a piece and serving it up with a cup of tea I was soon dubbed the afternoon tea champion. 



The idea of this cake came about after I found some cocoa nibs at Josophan's Fine Chocolate Shop in the Blue Mountains while on a road trip. (If you enjoy hot chocolate as much as I do Josophan's Mayan Hot Chocolate is worth a try.) I instantly thought of a cocoa nib cake recipe that I had seen on the food blog Not Without Salt and I figured that would be the perfect way for me to try out my new found favourite ingredient.  When I treated myself to a bundt tin a few weeks ago I knew that it was time to give birth to this coffee cake of the cocoa nib variety.


This cake is deliciously moist. You can find the recipe here and due to the shear length of it I won't even attempt to reproduce it as I baked it exactly how the instructions say. Not only is the cocoa nib and almond crust on the top and the bottom of the cake deliciously morish but the cream cheese swirl through the middle and hit of orange make this a cake you will have to try. All I can say is yum! 


6 October 2012

the pulled pork burger adventure

I usually don't blog what I have for dinner, which is disappointing to both me and you as this food is usually the best I produce. I believe it is because I haven't played around with my camera settings enough to get a good shot without natural lighting and because I prefer to use raw images rather than editing them to make them pretty. It is also difficult to pause and style a meal after cooking it. As a result I feel none are good enough to share with others in my mind.


Tonight I am making an exception, purely due to how epic this meal was. I will call this meal the Pulled Pork Adventure. Yesterday I bought the new cook book by Katie Quinn Davis, a food blogger that I admire and look up to. Her photography and styling is gorgeous to look at and so is her food. The driving factor for me buying this cookbook was the pulled pork burgers that I saw on her blog. She didn't post the recipe online so I knew it was one of the gems she was saving for her book, and sure enough I was right. I picked the book up in the shop and like fate it opened straight to the page with these succulent savouries.


The book is beautiful and because I want you to go and buy it for yourself I won't be sharing the recipe with you.

So after mentally preparing myself for the task ahead while buying the 2.5kg piece of pork shoulder from my butcher I began cooking. This took 7hrs to produce. For 6 hours my house smelt of memories of my grandmothers house on a Sunday when she cooks a roast meal every week for lunch or past Christmases with the family.  When finally finished the meat was so beautiful and tender and exceeded my expectations. My only disappointment, that it was only myself and Josh who were around to reap the rewards of my whole day of roast porking, mostly due to the fact that the excitement was over in ten minutes, the time it took for Josh to demolish two of these beauties. I feel if I had of presented this to any of my pork loving friends or family that it would be deemed the best pork meal they had ever tasted.


Make sure you check out Katie's blog What Katie Ate for some more delicious photos of these delicious burgers!!