14 March 2013

brioche burgers

Lately my food posts have been inspired by my food experiences, dinners or meals eaten out. I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that I have the baking skills required to bake something as good as I could eat in a restaurant, or at least have a decent attempt at it. Brioche is a type of bread that I have seen used in multiple recipes. My first experience with brioche was at The Regatta Hotel. I had an angus beef burger that was made on one of these beauties. So whilst sitting on my couch trying to decide what to make next, I thought this would be a perfect lunch for the weekend and photo challenge for me. I've never photographed a burger stacked high with the trimmings, but it was much easier than imagined as I didn't have to hold it together with toothpicks like I thought I would have to.


I'm unsure as to whether the brioche wasn't as I thought it would be due to an error of mine or the recipe I used or simply my high expectations. I feel I will have to attempt to make brioche again before I can safely share a recipe with you that is fool proof. The bread was quite dense and buttery and in my opinion to "doughy" to rave about. However it sufficed fine in these burgers and was made even more delicious spread with more butter and golden syrup. Let me get back to you with a beautiful light brioche but in the mean time I hope these pictures give you some weekend dinner inspiration. If you want to recreate these yourself but don't have the confidence to make your own brioche you should be able to pick up some bread rolls from your local bakery.


7 March 2013

figs in baked buttermilk custard

Figs are a pretty fruit. There blushing pink middle and purple outside make them gorgeous to photograph. I've found however that they are quite juicy and not the ideal fruit to use in things that need structure or need to set. This custard is one of them. I've also made figs wrapped in prosciutto stuffed with blue cheese and drizzled with honey, however they managed to end up a soggy mess due to their moist characteristics. I was excited when I saw this recipe. 

I'm a fan of baked custard and I jump at any opportunity to use figs. To look at these custards are gorgeous, to eat not so much. I first made them in ramekins as I thought they would look cuter. In retrospect I can see now that after baking the fruit and before adding the custard mixture that I should of drained out the natural fruit juices. They were like a watery custardy fig juice mess. I then decided to have another try and bake the custard in a large baking dish like it advises to in the book. It didn't set. I even left it longer but it didn't work. Oh well....it tasted okay but not good enough to share the recipe, just the pretty photos. I'm also undecided as to whether it was the recipe or my mess up that made this treat turn out so wrong. 


 In retrospect I should have just char grilled them and added them to my breakfast with ricotta, honey and muesli or an antipasto plate with some gorgonzola and prosciutto! I hope these photos make your mouth water.