1 May 2013

joyful desserts

Over the past 12 to 18 months I have made some major changes to my diet. This is clearly demonstrated by the change in the range of food I have featured on my blog over the past two years. By cutting out processed and fatty foods from my diet I have noticed a huge change to my body. I've found myself with more energy and felt less bloated and weighed down, and managed to drop dress sizes purely from watching what I eat and modifying my portions.
Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy an indulgent dessert, cheese and nibbles plate or rich dinner every now and then, however I have noticed weird things happening to my body when I consume sugary foods. I have an instant sugar high that lasts about 10mins followed by a slump that usually makes me dysphasic and ready for a nap.


joyfuldesserts-emilyjoy photo from AJD Photography - Website - Facebook

So when a new friend of mine told me about Emily and her guilt free desserts I naturally was excited to learn about healthy desserts. Healthy desserts, yeah right how can they taste good? Don't write this delicious food off without trying it! Josh initially turned his nose up to the thought of homemade milks and raw chocolate but after comparing the store bought options with the recipes I learnt at Emily's Joyful desserts cooking class he now much rather prefers the homemade healthy options as opposed to the processed artificial sugars and flavours options. I was even surprised to hear that the desserts that are made purely vegan and raw he found to be sweeter and richer than their sugary counter parts. The secret is, don't tell your partners it's healthy, wait until they are hooked in first!



What I took from Emily's class is that food is fuel for your body so it is important to fill it with lots of fruit vegetables and other foods that help you get the most out of your day. Emily also pointed out that she doesn't put a "label" on her diet. So many times people have put vegetarian or vegan on their diets and when they splurge on some lean meat or dairy or even a piece of rich chocolate cake or some cheese and crackers they feel guilty which is not healthy at all associating negative with certain foods. The idea is to choose healthy the majority of the time but if you splurge that's okay! With these desserts you feel as if you are splurging but instead you are reaping the rewards of a healthy sweet fix. 


Here is a closer look at Emily from Joyful Desserts as well as some delightfully tasty photos of recipes I learnt at her cooking class.

Tell me about yourself and Joyful DessertsMy name's Emily, I'm 22 and I love to eat!
Unfortunately, I was eating a highly processed diet up until I was twenty which meant I got sick often and thought it was normal to have sniffles, pimples, mood swings and fatigue.  It wasn't until I met Katie Dickens in a dance class that I learnt about raw desserts.  I made a chocolate mousse tart first. It tasted rich and decadent and only contained fruit, nuts and seeds.  It didn't give me a sugar rush, it didn't give me pimples and it didn't make me gain weight!  I was so excited to finally indulge in a dessert without feeling guilty or gross. I made it for my mum and she loved it, too.  Since then we have made countless raw desserts. I told my friends we'd be hosting an event for anyone who would like to taste them, and so Joyful Desserts was born.



What inspired you to start guilt-free dessert cooking classes?
It saddened me that these desserts were such a secret. I want everyone to know that there are delicious dessert options without refined sugar, dairy, wheat and animal fat.  I'm so glad that now anyone can access this information and begin their journey of effortless clean eating, and I am constantly receiving feedback from class participants who have done just that.


What do you hope to achieve by running these healthy dessert cooking classes?
I hope to inspire people to take control of their health in a way that is fun and easy.


What is your favourite a) food to eat, b) food to make?
My favourite food to eat (at the moment) is Ani Phyo's Coconut Ice Kream topped with my healthy 'Ice Magic' style chocolate sauce.
My favourite food to make is a fresh, green smoothie!  It's an awesome way to start my day.


Where do you hope to see Joyful Desserts in the future?
I never dreamed Joyful Desserts would take off like it has, so I'm taking 'baby steps'.  The Facebook page is blossoming into a supportive community network.  I will continue to introduce people to healthy treats through our monthly 'Healthy Desserts Night' classes.  I also have some ideas for additional workshops that I am tinkering with.  It's all very exciting!


Next class:  Thursday 23rd May 2013, 6.30pm-9.30pm, Brisbane.  Cost is $40 per person or $70 for two places. For bookings please email joyful.desserts@hotmail.com with 'May Interest' as the subject line.
Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/joyfuldesserts for recipes, healthy inspiration and next class details.

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