19 May 2013

raspberry frozen yogurt

After making Joyful Desserts Coconut Ice Cream it made me excited about home made ice cream. I don't have an ice cream maker so when I found out how easy it was to make ice cream without one I have created a monster. All you have to do is make the ice cream base, pour it into a large shallow container and place in the freezer removing it every 30mins to stir through the frozen edges until it is frozen through. You have no excuse to not try this easy and healthy dessert option.





Raspberry Frozen Yogurt


560g thick natural yogurt
125g frozen raspberries
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract

Place all of the ingredients into a blender. Blend well to combine. Pour the contents of the blender into a large shallow baking dish. Place into freezer removing every 30 mins to stir through the frozen edges until the mixture is completely frozen through. Make sure all of the frozen edges are smooshed into a frozen puree each time to ensure to hard ice lumps. Transfer to an air tight plastic container and store in the freezer. This frozen yogurt won't last very long so don't worry about it going off. Feel free to swap the 125g frozen raspberries with any other fruit of your choice.

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